Doing Sustainability
ESG Strategies to Drive Customer and Community Value with Jacob Atalla
November 30, 2022
In this episode of the Doing Sustainability podcast, Jacob Atalla joins Gary Baker and Roxanne "Rocket" White to discuss ESG and sustainability initiatives at KB Home, a leading homebuilder in North America. KB Home started its sustainability and ESG drive in 2005 before the terms became trendy, and it has built over 160,000 Energy Star-certified homes. The company works with its supply chain partners to deliver affordable sustainability to its customers. Its ESG stack includes domain leaders from academia and industry. Jacob is an ESG and sustainability professional with over twenty-six years of experience in sustainability and ESG in the housing industry. He is currently the VP of sustainable initiatives at KB Homes and has strived to increase customer value by moving the needle forward on sustainable affordability. Jacob has spent over seventeen years at KB Homes and has significantly driven ownership of ESG and sustainability across the company’s channel and supply chain partners.
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