Doing Sustainability
Co-Creating a More Sustainable and Equitable Future with Chris Coulter
August 10, 2022
In this episode of the Doing Sustainability podcast, Gary Baker and Roxanne "Rocket" White are joined by Chris Coulter to discuss why organizations should take a proactive approach to global issues to build a more sustainable and equitable future. Chris works with leaders in business, multilateral organizations, and NGOs to help them better respond to shifting stakeholder expectations, build trust with key constituencies, and exert greater influence in shaping the future. Globalization ties together all countries, organizations, and people. To thrive in this globalized world, we must address sustainability issues, like environmental problems, inequality crisis, and human rights. Chris Coulter adds another one he thinks most organizations missed. That is geopolitics and a challenge to authoritarianism. Chris believes we should take a proactive approach and understand governance and the relationship between it and the progress we can make on social and environmental performance. And it all begins with understanding your brand purpose in alignment with sustainability.
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